In negotiation, parties try to reach a resolution that is then put into a written and signed settlement agreement. Negotiation takes many forms. It can involve:

  • “Kitchen table” negotiations, in which the parties discuss settlement terms between themselves without attorneys present
  • Attorney-to-attorney negotiations, in which parties are represented by attorneys who negotiate on behalf of the parties
    • Attorney-to-attorney negotiations can take place in person, by telephone, e-mail, or other means of communications.
  • 4-Way negotiations, at which parties and their attorneys are present and negotiate in person.

Negotiation can take place before or after suit is filed and during litigation.

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The attorneys at Dragga Hannon, LLP are experienced negotiators. We work with our clients to develop a negotiation plan, which may involve:

  • Discussing the client’s goals, needs, concerns, and interests
  • Developing a negotiation strategy designed to meet the client’s goals
  • Assessing negotiation options, as well as how and when to pursue negotiation
  • Reviewing or drafting negotiated settlement agreements.