Complex Custody Matters

When parents disagree about residential or legal custody of the children, and the circumstances of the case present complex questions regarding fitness of the parents and/or the needs of the children, it is paramount to have an experienced advocate to guide you and present your claims. This requires an understanding of the special circumstances of the case as well as experience to formulate a plan encompassing solutions to meet the goals of the client and best serve the interests of the children.

The events surrounding a claim of domestic violence, an investigation by child protective services, mental or physical health issues involving a parent or child, the impact of addiction, and the complexities of alienation of the children by a parent can all lead to a custody case in which the parties are in need outside services. The Court and community provide various options to meet the needs of each unique case. These services can include a custody evaluation, individual or family therapy and reunification therapy, parent coordination, supervised visitation, or the appointment of counsel for the children (Best Interests Attorney or Child Advocate).

The lawyers at Dragga Hannon, LLP are experienced in helping a parent understand the needs of their family, the legal process, and the services that can give the children the best chance of a successful future.

If a child faces emotional, psychological or physical challenges it may be necessary for the child to undergo appropriate testing to identify a treatment plan. A child with emotional, psychological, or physical challenges may need a specialized custody and access schedule, which may be different from other children or even their own siblings.

When a parent faces his or her own emotional and/or psychological challenges or addiction issues, it may also be necessary for them to be evaluated or tested so as to provide them the services they need which will hopefully result in them being a better parent.

If the children or a parent need protection, there are resources in the form of protection from domestic violence, child protective services, and intervention of a Court appointed lawyer for the children (Best Interest Attorney or Child Advocate). These resources can be invaluable to a family that faces special challenges in the context of disputed custody and divorce.

It is important to have a lawyer who understands the complexities presented by disputes including these kinds of issues. The lawyers at Dragga Hannon, LLP provide a blend of legal skills and compassionate understanding that help a parent and his or her children get the services they need and a result that will promote a positive outcome.